Frequently Asked Questions

Marriage and Family Therapists are brief, solution focused and provide specific attainable therapeutic goals. We are a separate discipline with professional training in psychotherapy and family systems. I work with clients on a variety of relationship issues within the context of the family or organizational system.

I see children of all ages but I work primarily with adolescents and young adults.

The majority of my work is fee for service. Clients pay me for their services at the end of each session. I do take United Health Care insurance and I am an EAP provider. Please call your insurance company before our sessions to learn about your Mental Health benefits. Clients can submit their receipts for sessions to their Health Savings Account for reimbursement.

A typical therapy session is 50 minutes. If clients are unable to make it to the office I also provide consultations and sessions by phone upon request.

Clients call me directly at (612) 419-5638 and I return calls within 24 hours.