My Services

I provide direct services to children, families, organizations and businesses.

Presentation Topics

    Nurturing Resiliency in Children During Challenging Times
    Parenting Pause: Focusing on Stress
    Envisioning your Post -COVID Future
    Regrouping and Responding to Our New Reality
    Finding Your Best Self
    Managing Your Responses to Your Childrens’ Behavior
    Building Healthy Family Relationships
    Post Divorce Parenting
    How to Get Through Those Difficult Conversations With Your Teenager
    Managing Differences in Blended Families
    Job Stress and Burnout
    Healthy Communication: Understanding & Respecting Differences
    Setting Boundaries: Creating More Time for You
    Working Toward Health and Wellness
    Time Management: Finding Tools for a More Balanced Life
    Developing and Maintaining Healthy Professional Relationships

Marital & Family Therapy

I work from a Family Systems Model which recognizes that each family and individual is unique and that change comes from addressing the dynamics and interactions among members of a system. When working with families I meet with different subsystems of the family to help strengthen relationships which benefit the whole family. I enjoy working with clients and helping them to identify the challenges they are experiencing and to set goals and move toward creating changes in their lives. Throughout my work with clients I provide tools, support and encouragement as well as additional community resources to help sustain their growth.


I consult with businesses to help address emerging needs and provide creative solutions to help address the mental health of employees, families and communities.

I am excited to announce that I am offering a new, creative way to offer mental heath in the workplace. I am available for in person or online consultation to help employees gain regular access to me as a licensed professional and EAP provider. I provide supportive therapy, groups, and tools for managing stress and change. This offering involves a combination of services including face-to face support, workshop facilitation, and weekly availability. Please call or email for more information.


I provide a variety of onsite workshops and webinars for organizations and businesses looking to support their employees’ wellness. Some presentations are already developed and other topics can be tailored to your current needs.

Walk/Talk Therapy

I offer walking sessions to those clients who are interested. Walking can help to alleviate stress and improve overall wellbeing through movement and connecting with nature.

Books and More

I’m available for Book talks and parenting programs using my workbook, “Building Healthy Family Relationships: A Workbook for Parents and Stepparents." Please contact me to schedule a Book talk for your organization.

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